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Relationship With Allah
June 27, 2008, 11:53 am
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Turn to Allah, my friends! Let us turn to Allah and strengthen our relationship with Him. And what is the way of strengthening our relationship with Allah. It is accepting Imaan and adopting Taqwaa.
Refrain from drugs,
abstain from alcohol,
abstain from adultery,
abstain from fornication,
abstain from not performing Salaat,
abstain from not giving Zakaat,
abstain from disobedience to parents,
sit in the company of the ‘Ulamaa,
join those Islaamic movements which are supervised by authentic and reliable ‘Ulamaa and
strive to rectify your lives and the lives of the whole society.
Today, we must go from here, with this firm resolution of adopting Taqwaa – the key to friendship with Allah.