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June 7, 2008, 1:50 am
Filed under: TRUE MUSLIMS

A person who freely and consciously accepts the Islaamic way of life and sincerely practices it is called a Muslim. A Muslim (the one who does Islaam) remembers:

*TO SURRENDER (to give up himself/herself to ALLAH the Almighty)

*TO BE IN SUBMISSION (happily submit his/her own will to Allaah’s Will)

*TO OBEY ALLAAH (understand Qur’ân and Sunnah and he implements it in action)

*TO DO ALL OF ABOVE, ONLY FOR SAKE OF ALLAAH (not to impress/show off)

*THE RESULT IS PEACE in worldly life & Eternal PARADISE, by Mercy of Allaah.

Therefore a Muslim cannot be truly a Muslim “by birth” in a Muslim family or nation or tribe; rather after seeking knowledge and understanding of the Qur’ân & Sunnah and obeying Allaah on Allaah’s Terms, then only one can say that “I am obedient servant of Allaah” (i.e. I am a Muslim).

We may know that Islaam is the only Way to Peace & Paradise.. but unless we make up our mind to obey Allaah in ACTION, Allaah may not Accept it from us, May Allaah Forbid.


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